IPIA proud to release Supermundane print through Rough Trade East

It’s Pop It’s Art are proud to announce a collaboration with the undisputed titans of the independent music scene: Rough Trade. Exclusively launching at Rough Trade East will be Supermundane’s superbly illustrative take on The Jackson’s ABC.

The bold, bright and playful design is perfect for anyone with a love for Motown and the want to teach inquisitive young minds the tiny steps towards a full vocabulary with which to say ‘Hand me the iPad, asshole’ before 18 months old. These super-limited prints all are stamped and signed by Supermundane himself. Rough Trade East will also be stocking other prints from our range of classic tunes and these include Ace of Spades, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, All You Need is Love, Superfreak and What’s Going On.

IPIA artist Jody Barton’s work included in The New York Times’ Year in Illustration

We’ve long been fans of Jody Barton’s work here at It’s Pop It’s Art and were delighted to have him cast his pen over Motörhead’s Ace of Spades, Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On and Rick James’ Super Freak to create some of the most colourful, meaningful and exciting prints in the IPIA series. And we’re certainly not his only fans – he’s long garnered the attention of some worthwhile collaborators too, from clothing powerhouse Stussy to artists like Phoenix, Beck, and Florence and the Machine, and groundbreaking charities like Greenpeace.

As well as collaborating with brands, charities and artists, Jody also regularly contributes to mecca of illustration, The New York Times, and has been included in their ‘Year In Illustration’ feature. Looking back over some of the best artwork commissioned by the magazine in 2017, his illustration for the feature ‘The High Price of Failing America’s Costliest Patients’ (which you can view below) was selected by New York Times’ Art Director Antonio De Luca as one of his highlights of 2017. De Luca especially praises how Jody’s use of space gives more meaning to his work: “Jody Barton’s drawing uses the desktop’s white negative space to extend the artwork’s narrative.”



Jody’s typically thought-provoking work can also be seen in his interpretation of the classic anti-war protest song What’s Going On, which you can take a look at here.


You can view a larger version of Jody’s image here, alongside some of the best illustrations published by The New York Times in 2017. 


Kate Moross collaborates with Kiehl’s on their limited edition Christmas collection

It’s Pop It’s Art illustrator Kate Moross has teamed up with Kiehl’s to design a range of limited edition Christmas gifts for the luxury skincare brand. Some of Kiehl’s most iconic products have been updated with Moross’ distinctive, cartoonish style just in time for the festive period. At It’s Pop It’s Art HQ, we’ve got our eye on a few things from the collection, including these exfoliating soaps (the perfect stocking filler) which are adorned with psychedelic candy canes and slithers of ribbon.

Another ideal stocking filler is the Butterstick Lip Treatment, perfect for winter skin and updated with festive doodles from Kate, while Kiehl’s classic Crème de Corps is given a Moross makeover with bold primary colours and cute old school Christmas motifs.

A host of Kiehl’s giftsets have been adorned with Kate’s designs, as well as a range of cosmetics pouches, for something you can keep all year round. If, like us, you’re thinking that these doodles would make the perfect wrapping paper, you’re in luck – Kiehl’s have also produced customisable gift boxes with Kate’s designs on them.


The limited edition Kiehl’s Christmas collection is available now. Studio Moross have designed three It’s Pop It’s Art prints, including Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Last Night a DJ Saved My Life. You can take a look at the designs here.

Young artist from John Lennon School of Art and Design in Liverpool wins Beatles competition

It’s Pop It’s Art are very excited to announce the winner of our student competition in partnership with the John Lennon School of Art and Design. Eliza Griffith, then a first year student at Liverpool John Moores University, was one of over a hundred entries singled out by Kate Moross and Guy Field of Studio Moross for her take on The Beatles’ iconic “Summer Of Love” track, ‘All You Need Is Love’. Kate added that they chose Eliza’s work because of its attention to detail, intricate characters and inclusive nature.

Talking about the idea behind her design, Eliza explained: “The original idea involved a lot of barely clothed people lounging around the border of the text. I wanted to capture that hippie, free love feeling that was around at the time this song was released. When I imagine that time, I picture music festivals, everyone dancing and having fun and believing love was the answer to everything. As I played with the people in the poster I realised I could shape them into the letters themselves. In terms of a reference for creating the letters out of people, that was a mixture of my imagination, running back and forth to my mirror, and persuading a reluctant boyfriend to pose for me.”

The design’s inclusivity – Eliza’s piece takes in everything from friends playing with each other’s hair, to making music and dancing together, to lovers kissing feet – was more of a happy accident than something she set out to incorporate: “My goal when creating my design was to show different types of love, both romantic and platonic, so I suppose when that’s your goal, the design becomes naturally quite inclusive.”

Originally from St Helens, nearby to Liverpool, Eliza admits to going through a bit of a Beatles obsession as a young designer when she was developing her own aesthetic. “I think I was mostly really into the aesthetic of their psychedelic phase. I still have a folder full of screenshots from the Yellow Submarine animation somewhere on my computer!” The song ‘All You Need Is Love’ holds some personal memories for the young artist too: “I actually have a memory of being in a record shop with my best friend when I was feeling upset about something as well. He came across the ‘All You Need Is Love’ single and said something about how I shouldn’t be upset because my friends love me. It was really cheesy, but I remembered that moment when I started making this poster and it made me laugh.”

With Eliza’s goal of becoming a freelance illustrator after leaving university, the competition has helped her work gain national exposure, while having her work praised by the team at Studio Moross have given the young artist’s confidence a real boost. “The thought of having my work being sold alongside the work of the other accomplished artists involved in this project was so exciting! Kate Moross announced the winner of the competition after giving us a talk about her career. After hearing how much she’s achieved and how successful she’s been, it meant even more to me that she chose my design.”

Though in her first year of her degree, Eliza’s design was chosen by Kate Moross and Guy Field of Studio Moross from a pool of over a hundred entries. Speaking about the competition, Ian Mitchell, Lecturer in Graphic Design and Illustration at LJMU added: “We were very lucky to collaborate with It’s Pop It’s Art and Kate Moross for this project. It was very interesting to run a project across all three years and quite a surprise that one of our first year students ended up winning the competition. It must have been a great confidence boost for Eliza. The outcomes were varied in approach – and standard – but Kate gave us some very honest and constructive feedback when she visited. The collaboration meant that Kate gave a guest lecture to our students too. This was probably our most well attended lecture of the series, and something that wouldn’t have happened without the competition so many thanks to It’s Pop It’s Art and to Kate and Guy from Studio Moross.”


Eliza Griffin’s design of ‘All You Need Is Love’ is on display in the Liverpool School Of Art and Design Café in Liverpool, alongside the Studio Moross design of the same song. Eliza’s print will be available to purchase in a limited edition run in 2018.

IPIA and Liverpool John Moores University launching a competition!

It’s Pop It’s Art are delighted and excited to announce that we’ll be collaborating with Liverpool John Moores University School of Art and Design to launch a competition to create a visual cover version of The Beatle’s ‘All You Need Is Love’. Students across the Graphic Design and Illustration BA are invited to create a piece of work that uses typography to invoke the powerful message of the song, and the social movement the song was born of and into.

Written by John Lennon and released in July 1967, during the Summer of Love, a performance of ‘All You Need Is Love’ was broadcast as part of the first live global television link. The lyrics reflect Lennon’s understanding of the power of song and slogans to unite people, and he later placed it among ‘Give Peace A Chance’ and ‘Power to the People’ as a propaganda song, stating simply “I’m a revolutionary artist. My art is dedicated to change.”

Aptly housed in the RIBA award winning John Lennon Art and Design Building, the LJMU School is the oldest art and design school in the UK outside of London, and Lennon himself famously spent some of his formative years attending art college at the School’s original site.

It’s Pop It’s Art designer Kate Moross will select the winner at a keynote lecture she will be delivering at the School of Art and Design in late March. The winning design will then be professionally printed and feature in IPIA’s roving exhibition, while the artist will receive a prize of £800 and a tour of Abbey Road Studios. A career-making chance for students, the competition also connects the song back to The Beatles’ home turf, and to where John Lennon first paved his way into the art world.