IPIA artist Jody Barton’s work included in The New York Times’ Year in Illustration

We’ve long been fans of Jody Barton’s work here at It’s Pop It’s Art and were delighted to have him cast his pen over Motörhead’s Ace of Spades, Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On and Rick James’ Super Freak to create some of the most colourful, meaningful and exciting prints in the IPIA series. And we’re certainly not his only fans – he’s long garnered the attention of some worthwhile collaborators too, from clothing powerhouse Stussy to artists like Phoenix, Beck, and Florence and the Machine, and groundbreaking charities like Greenpeace.

As well as collaborating with brands, charities and artists, Jody also regularly contributes to mecca of illustration, The New York Times, and has been included in their ‘Year In Illustration’ feature. Looking back over some of the best artwork commissioned by the magazine in 2017, his illustration for the feature ‘The High Price of Failing America’s Costliest Patients’ (which you can view below) was selected by New York Times’ Art Director Antonio De Luca as one of his highlights of 2017. De Luca especially praises how Jody’s use of space gives more meaning to his work: “Jody Barton’s drawing uses the desktop’s white negative space to extend the artwork’s narrative.”



Jody’s typically thought-provoking work can also be seen in his interpretation of the classic anti-war protest song What’s Going On, which you can take a look at here.


You can view a larger version of Jody’s image here, alongside some of the best illustrations published by The New York Times in 2017. 


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