IPIA proud to release Supermundane print through Rough Trade East

It’s Pop It’s Art are proud to announce a collaboration with the undisputed titans of the independent music scene: Rough Trade. Exclusively launching at Rough Trade East will be Supermundane’s superbly illustrative take on The Jackson’s ABC.

The bold, bright and playful design is perfect for anyone with a love for Motown and the want to teach inquisitive young minds the tiny steps towards a full vocabulary with which to say ‘Hand me the iPad, asshole’ before 18 months old. These super-limited prints all are stamped and signed by Supermundane himself. Rough Trade East will also be stocking other prints from our range of classic tunes and these include Ace of Spades, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, All You Need is Love, Superfreak and What’s Going On.

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