Young artist from John Lennon School of Art and Design in Liverpool wins Beatles competition

It’s Pop It’s Art are very excited to announce the winner of our student competition in partnership with the John Lennon School of Art and Design. Eliza Griffith, then a first year student at Liverpool John Moores University, was one of over a hundred entries singled out by Kate Moross and Guy Field of Studio Moross for her take on The Beatles’ iconic “Summer Of Love” track, ‘All You Need Is Love’. Kate added that they chose Eliza’s work because of its attention to detail, intricate characters and inclusive nature.

Talking about the idea behind her design, Eliza explained: “The original idea involved a lot of barely clothed people lounging around the border of the text. I wanted to capture that hippie, free love feeling that was around at the time this song was released. When I imagine that time, I picture music festivals, everyone dancing and having fun and believing love was the answer to everything. As I played with the people in the poster I realised I could shape them into the letters themselves. In terms of a reference for creating the letters out of people, that was a mixture of my imagination, running back and forth to my mirror, and persuading a reluctant boyfriend to pose for me.”

The design’s inclusivity – Eliza’s piece takes in everything from friends playing with each other’s hair, to making music and dancing together, to lovers kissing feet – was more of a happy accident than something she set out to incorporate: “My goal when creating my design was to show different types of love, both romantic and platonic, so I suppose when that’s your goal, the design becomes naturally quite inclusive.”

Originally from St Helens, nearby to Liverpool, Eliza admits to going through a bit of a Beatles obsession as a young designer when she was developing her own aesthetic. “I think I was mostly really into the aesthetic of their psychedelic phase. I still have a folder full of screenshots from the Yellow Submarine animation somewhere on my computer!” The song ‘All You Need Is Love’ holds some personal memories for the young artist too: “I actually have a memory of being in a record shop with my best friend when I was feeling upset about something as well. He came across the ‘All You Need Is Love’ single and said something about how I shouldn’t be upset because my friends love me. It was really cheesy, but I remembered that moment when I started making this poster and it made me laugh.”

With Eliza’s goal of becoming a freelance illustrator after leaving university, the competition has helped her work gain national exposure, while having her work praised by the team at Studio Moross have given the young artist’s confidence a real boost. “The thought of having my work being sold alongside the work of the other accomplished artists involved in this project was so exciting! Kate Moross announced the winner of the competition after giving us a talk about her career. After hearing how much she’s achieved and how successful she’s been, it meant even more to me that she chose my design.”

Though in her first year of her degree, Eliza’s design was chosen by Kate Moross and Guy Field of Studio Moross from a pool of over a hundred entries. Speaking about the competition, Ian Mitchell, Lecturer in Graphic Design and Illustration at LJMU added: “We were very lucky to collaborate with It’s Pop It’s Art and Kate Moross for this project. It was very interesting to run a project across all three years and quite a surprise that one of our first year students ended up winning the competition. It must have been a great confidence boost for Eliza. The outcomes were varied in approach – and standard – but Kate gave us some very honest and constructive feedback when she visited. The collaboration meant that Kate gave a guest lecture to our students too. This was probably our most well attended lecture of the series, and something that wouldn’t have happened without the competition so many thanks to It’s Pop It’s Art and to Kate and Guy from Studio Moross.”


Eliza Griffin’s design of ‘All You Need Is Love’ is on display in the Liverpool School Of Art and Design Café in Liverpool, alongside the Studio Moross design of the same song. Eliza’s print will be available to purchase in a limited edition run in 2018.

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